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The Longdogs
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Touring in Ruidoso and Seeing Aliens in Roswell

We ran into a terrific rainstorm as we drove between Roswell and Valley Of Fires BLM Park. We stopped for lunch and a potty break once we got through that.

Sunday, Mary Jane and I drove up to Ruidoso. My DH, son, and even daughter-in-law have all been here but it was a first for me. The drive was really nice with trees changing from juniper bushes to tall pines as we went higher. We saw a sign with a "Wild Horses" crossing but weren't lucky enough to see any. One of our stops in Ruidoso was the Inn of the Mountain Gods. It's a hotel, convention center, and casino but we just went to see the view. This beautiful statue is out front.

There are lots of rustic buildings and cabins in Ruidoso with Ruidoso Downs being more like any other city.

They have a slightly different version of Times Square. It seems like there is always some sort of special function going on in town to attract visitors and there is certainly no shortage of hotels, cabins, and RV parks in the area.

Somebody was even providing entertainment to passersby.

Monday found us driving back to Roswell to visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center.  We met up with another RVing friend before heading downtown. That proved to be a big challenging as there was a parade going on with some streets blocked.

They have some interesting models and well as probably every article and interview that has ever been published about the 5 July 1947 incident which occurred in the area. They have a lot of convincing information in spite of government insistence that it was a weather balloon. Willie and Harley stayed back at the RV to keep the home front safe but it was interesting to find that the museum allows pets inside.

They also had several movies shown during the day as well as interviews that have been conducted with an awful lot of people.

The parade was in full swing long before we got there and it was still rolling along when we came out. Small town parades have lots of locals in them. This group of off road vehicles was demonstrating how they could crawl all over each other. A number of floats and marchers appeared to be aliens.....what a surprise. lol

There are "aliens" on or around most of the businesses in town.

They know when they have a good thing going. It was very windy when we left Valley of Fires and even windier when we got back. We may be rocking and rolling tonight.

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