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The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Wickenburg, Arizona!

Since our hostess for the Arizona Rolling Rally fell and was in no shape to participate, we did some research on places to visit and things to do. We decided to avoid the traffic of Phoenix and headed out to Wickenburg. I've heard a number of bloggers mention visiting there and we found some information on the Vulture Mine. It was an interesting drive out to the mine from Wickenburg. We saw several boondockers in spots along the way.

The saguaro cactus were interesting.

This building was right near the drive into the mine.

Unfortunately, this was all we got to see from a distance because the mine and ghost town are closed down until later in October due to summer heat. At least we all enjoyed the drive and the close up look at the cactus.

We headed back into Wickenburg to check out the museum that we saw when we passed through. That was a very good choice. The Desert Caballeros Western Museum was a great place to spend some time.

The art started outside and continued inside. There is something to appeal to everyone in this museum.

An exhibit of saddles had just opened. I had no idea that this many different types of saddles existed.

There was also a Majorie Thomas exhibit. She was the first professional artist in Scottsdale. You could take pictures of anything except the paintings so you will just have to visit yourself to see them.

There was lots more western memorabilia.

And then there was some great info on different types of cactus. Interestingly enough, Birdie had given us nearly the exact same info on the various types of cactus while we were out by the Vulture Mine. She lived for quite a few years in Tucson so she is very familiar with them. The Teddy Bear Cholla might look soft from a distance but their nickname of Jumping Cactus is well deserved.

The saguaros are amazing cactus and I had already planned a visit to the Saguaro National Park later on in Tucson.

The Congress Mine is also not terribly far from Wickenburg.

After all the art we saw upstairs, we headed downstairs where we found a whole town depicted first inside and then outside views.

Earlier "RV kitchens" were called chuck wagons. I guess you couldn't really call them recreational vehicles since they were definitely working kitchens.

This merchantile store had a bit of everything one could need.

....including a seamstress to make your fabric into clothes.

Of course, there was always a saloon with a bar.

And a hotel.
After a fantastic museum visit, we headed down the block looking for a place to eat. Okay, I have to admit it, there was another building with paintings but we were hungry and ready to move on after several hours here. Be sure you allow plenty of time as there really is a lot to see.
The Local Press Sandwich shop caught our eye with their imaginative signs decorating the outside. They have tables outside and the sandwiches were fantastic. They are all made to order with very fresh ingredients and seasonings. We all had different sandwiches and everyone was very pleased with their order. The chef came outside after we had a chance to taste our orders to make sure everyone was happy. He takes his creations very seriously. They have a small herb garden by the shop and he told us about gathering other herbs from nearby. Definitely a great place to stop for lunch!


  1. I want to go there for the sandwich. Sounds so good. That museum really is a great stop.

  2. Looks like a great trip, thanks for the photo share. Love reading your blog.


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