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The Longdogs
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The Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff

While in Flagstaff (the world's first International Dark-Sky city), we had an interesting visit to the Lowell Observatory. This observatory was established in 1894 which makes it one of the oldest in the country. It became a national historic site in 1965. It is a non-profit, independent research facility.

It was beginning to cool off in Flagstaff.

We bought our tickets and began by looking around inside.

Then we headed outside where our guide handed out special glasses so we could look at the sun through a telescope.

An old telescope becomes outdoor sculpture.

We headed towards this building where we got to look at all the exhibits and learn about the Observatory's discovery of Pluto.

Then we headed up to the hill.

The discovery of Pluto was very important.

The grounds are beautiful at the observatory.

Percival Lowell was very important to the work carried on here.

Lowell is laid to rest in this mausoleum on the grounds. When you look through the door, you can see light coming through all the beautiful glass tiles.

You get a great view of the city of Flagstaff.

We had an up-close view of this telescope.

Only two areas of the roof open so you can look through the telescope but the whole roof turns on these truck tires so you can point the telescope wherever you need to look.

Back inside, we discovered the Space Academy for kids. It was pretty neat.

There were lots of exhibits as well as short films to engage the kids interest.

Overall, it was a fun visit.

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