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The Longdogs
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Panama City Beach Half Triathlon

Saturday was the big day......the real reason we were in Panama City Beach. Helen was competing in the Half Triathlon. Steve and Helen left the condo at 5AM so that she could be in place for the race. The plan was for Steve to come and get me right after the swim portion. Unfortunately, the each was under red flag warnings and they finally had to cancel the swim portion because it was just too dangerous to swim several miles under those conditions so they moved right on to the bike portion.  Due to the change, Steve was unable to come and get me because he would have been unable to get us back to the course. I was able to get some good photos from Steve and his friends and I was checking Helen's numbers online.

See this big smile?  This is Helen's trademark......almost every photo taken of her during any race catches her with a big smile on her face....not the norm, that is for sure.

The spectators really get into too. You may recognize the guy on the left. I won't admit any more than that other than to say that he usually has a lot less hair....a lot less.


Photo with triathlete friends.

On the winners podium.

Helen and Coach Karen, her mentor and coach. Coach Karen also competed and placed in her age group.

The ceremony was held at the Edgewater Resort.

Helen earned a place to compete at the World event.

Just one more photo of some of the winners who will be going to World's. 

The resort where the race was headquartered was pretty nice.

Even hours later there were white caps and riptides on the Gulf.
Congratulations to Helen and all the other competitors and winners.

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