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The Longdogs
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Ferrying Over to Port Aransas

Tuesday morning, Carolyn, Mary Jane, and I were planning to move to another Passport America park and enjoy a few more days together. Wilderness Oaks manager Diana said she didn't want us moving on down the road and offered to let us continue for more days under their Passport rate. Can't beat an offer like that and it's a great park.

We decided to head over to Port Aransas after Sharon and Claudia got on the road. While we were waiting for the ferry, we saw these oil rigs lined up along the dock. Apparently they were headed over the ocean but problems came up in Africa and the move was on hold. These big platforms float.

Lined up for the ferry.

Here we are ready to head out. Yes. the ferry from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas does carry RVs of all sizes, semi trucks and trailers, etc.....and it is free, just an extension of the highway.

Okay, everyone is off the ferry on the other side except for this motorhome and us behind him. We all felt really bad for him as he kept apologizing. Hey, we have RVs too and stuff happens. They had to get a truck and tow him off.

We checked out the park near the ferry where one of these fishermen pulled in a big one.

He had to measure it and apparently it wasn't big enough.

You can see the big old derricks floating on the other side of the channel.

We picked out Irie's for lunch based on their Yelp ratings and comments that they served Island food.

We almost left as their was a line at the door and it was very small inside but we were very happy that we hung on and grabbed a table when it emptied.

Of course, the pink flamingo at the counter was a good omen.

Lots of different kinds of sauces all ready to go with the different meal choices.

Specials on the board plus a menu.

I think I chose the island taco and it was delicious.

Yes, we were all very happy with our choice.

Sage ordered beignets to share for dessert.
Oh, yes!

We also drove down to Mustang Island State Park since Sage had never been there. And we spent time at the beach by the channel where we saw some boats on the gulf and a couple that came in. pictures.

Before we headed back, we stopped for coffee at Coffee Waves.

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