The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Panama City Beach Memories

We did some more touring around the Panama City Beach area. This is a picture taken off the balcony of the condo where we stayed. You can tell where you are along the beach because each entrance is numbered and has a walkway down to the beach so there is plenty of public access.

The water was yellow flagged the whole time we were there.

But there were still people enjoying the beach even early. It is popular for early morning runners.

Definitely white.

I could see ships out a ways. This is grainy as I had to enlarge it quite a bit.

Most of the shells were small or broken.

I'm not much for sunrise pictures but here are some sunset ones. The sun seems to fall early and fast here so close to the eastern time zone.

We drove across the bay to Lynnhaven to see how Steve and Helen's old house looked. The pines in the front have really grown. And the back yard is fenced now.....looks good.

We had lunch at a restaurant along the beach.

There were lots of boats at the nearby marina.

These were some of the beach décor in the condo we stayed in. The bedrooms were on the first floor and the living room, dining area, and kitchen upstairs so the dachsies got lots of carry's as we don't let them do stairs if we can help it. This was a real shell but not from this beach. Harley was posing so you could see the size.

On the way back to San Antonio, we stopped overnight in New Orleans. Of course, this was taken at the famous Café DuMonde. We had an interesting experience as I don't think the waitress could speak or understand English. We asked for 2 Café Au Lait, 1 decaf Café Au Lait, all in "to go" cups, and one order of beignets. After two tries of her bringing completely different things, we flagged down another waitress who immediately brought us the correct order. Anyway, we really enjoyed it when it finally arrived.  We walked around the French Quarter for a while and then headed back to the motel where the canine crew awaited us. It was really too hot for them in the afternoon and the little "Hoover" machines would have gone crazy over things on the ground. I begged out of dinner on the town as I was worn out plus I knew Helen and Steve had some favorites here that not have been my favorites. I got a Subway from nextdoor and watched TV with the three furkids.

Just so you know how the longdogs and Angus travel, here are a couple shots.

Harley had the bed just behind me on the luggage and Willy and Harley had the rest of the back seat with me. As you can see, they are all seasoned travelers. No "are we there yet?" coming from them. They are relaxed and ready to roll....just as long as you make sure Willy can't smell any food left unattended, lol.
The end of a great trip even if we weren't  RVing.

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