The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Strolling Rosemary Beach and Seaside Florida

The day after the Triathlon, we decided to get some sightseeing in so we headed up the coast towards Rosemary Beach. They were having a market day so we parked and got out for a walk. The Traveling Longdogs were with me while I was taking pictures so they don't show up in the pictures too often.

It was a beautiful day and the market was interesting.....everything from vegetables to crafts. Lots of people out enjoying the day as well.

Rosemary Beach is a beach community with lots of holiday homes. Bikes are popular for transportation. There is a small square with shops and restaurants.

Our next stop on the road was Seaside, another holiday community with lots of condos.

More shops here.....definitely a prosperous place.

We enjoyed walking around and so did the dogs.

We walked down to the beach access area. Dogs are welcome pretty much anywhere except on the beach. That's true of most of Florida. You can usually find a restaurant with an outside patio area where well-behaved dogs can join you.

Unique beach entrance don't you think?

The sand on the beaches along the Florida Gulf coast is really white. I can't say about the other coastal beaches because I haven't been there.....yet. This area is beautiful and I especially like the Forgotten Coast as it is much less populated and natural.

It is interesting to note the different colors in the water. The lighter greenish area further out is due to a sandbar and shallower water.

Up north, this type of fence is used to keep snow from drifting across the roads but here it to keep the sand from blowing.

Walking between the shops next to the beach area.

Airstream trailers are popular food places here. There is a whole row of them.

You can tell dogs are welcome because they have water bowls for them in the food area.

These trailers stay here and don't move other places so they are pretty well set up.

Definitely a fun place to visit and spend a little time.

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