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The Longdogs
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Easter Eggs

Spring is here so it must be time for Easter!  Steve arrived on Wednesday and we picked up the kids Thursday night!  They were really excited to see their Dad as always.  We stopped for burgers at a Dairy Queen on the way home.  Turned out that was not the best stop we ever made.  Steve woke up about 1:00AM and didn't get much sleep after that as he was really sick.  Morning didn't bring much relief so I took the kids off to the park to play.  He finally began to feel better later much later in the afternoon.  He ate a little supper and then said he was up to the next event.   I

So, the eggs were cooked and the kids were ready.  Looks like someone else was ready too.

We had lots of cups of colors to choose from and plastic covering the wood table so let the fun begin!

DH has always been the artist so he had to add in some magic marker work too.

Of course, that meant that "others" felt that their work would not be complete without use of the magic marker.

Morgan took her time and got some real good colors on hers--my kind of Easter eggs, simple, pretty colors.

There was a lot of discussion on design elements and appropriate colors and how bright they should be.

Check out the concentration required to get things just right.  This takes me right back to when Steve and his brother Brian used to color eggs.  I think we did it until Brian was in high school.  Fun times.

This was a "Grandpa Special" exhibited by Cameron.  He is still honing his artistic skills  but he has a couple of fine role models, his Grandpa and his Dad, so I expect he'll do just fine.

You can see that his Dad learned his skills from his Dad too.

Guess what kids?  Now you have to eat these too you know.  You'll be seeing them often over the next few days.

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