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The Longdogs
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The Hunt Is On--Eggs That Is

Thank goodness, Steve was feeling better this morning.  The kids and I were up and they had their breakfast which can be a time-consuming event on some days.  Steve got ready quickly and we were off to the Easter Egg Hunt put on by the Schertz Lions Club.

We arrived in plenty of time to get signed in and then we started to look around.

There were all kinds of booths with games sponsored by local merchants. First up was tossing bean bags.

The best part was that everyone got a prize.  Now that is the way to run kids games.

Would you look at the concentration on those faces?  I never would have believed they could stay still enough to walk these eggs on a spoon across the required line.  They both did great!  For those who had trouble with it, the eggs were wooden so "no real eggs were harmed in the process!"  Ha!

This one required a wooden disk to travel down through the pins and land in the right slot.

Ring toss was ahead.  The lines were based on level of skill not just age so there were no losers here.

Cameron had better luck with his last toss but he was having fun the whole time.

Every little girl likes make-up.  Morgan opted to the bunny rabbit look and she sat still for the whole process.

 Little boys like face paint too.  Well, let's face it.  Age doesn't really matter when faces are getting painted in a fun booth.  I didn't hear what Cameron asked for as his design.

Yup, definitely a bunny with a little pink nose and whiskers.

Okay, too bad I didn't hear right?  Cameron asked for a spider and a web--aka spiderman.  Well, I don't think the young artist has ever seen a real spider web or even a fake one because this one was an octagon with criss-crossed lines and that mark on one side was a "spider".  A spiderman fan she was not.  Cameron was okay with it though so that is all that counted.

And here is the picture with the Easter bunny and Cameron aka spiderman.

And here were the other two "bunnies" hanging around together.

 The Egg Hunts started with a line up past this sign.  They did it by age group starting with crawlers (they did it on a mat), 1 - 3 year olds, 2 - 4 year olds, 5 - 7 year olds, and 8 - 10 year olds, so Morgan and Cameron were each the youngest in their age groups being 5 and 8.

And they are off!!!!

Some of the parents didn't get the idea that the kids 5 and up were supposed to do this on their own.  But Morgan had no problems with that and loaded up her basket.

See the little boy in the dark shirt?  That is Cameron hunting for the prize egg.

The kids had to open all of the eggs they found because there were grand prize winners in each age group---and---Cameron found the grand prize egg for his group.  He won a game just like the one that so many RVers have--Ladder Ball only his is inflatable instead of pvc pipe.  He was thrilled.

It was a great morning so many thanks to the Schertz Lions Club for the great job they did in putting this event together for the kids.

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