The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Pink Flamingo GTG - 4th Day - PJ Breakfast Potluck & Luckenbach, TX

This was our Pajama Party Potluck Breakfast.  First we all gathered on the front porch for coffee.  There was supposed to be a bad hair contest but the hair just wasn't bad enough sooooo Diana made a quick adjustment and the contest was for the best "Pink Flamingo".  Take a close look at Sue's PJs--can there be any doubt?  The pink hat prize goes perfectly with her PF jammies.

Vickie, Birdie, Gloria, and Margarita are ready for breakfast.  Looks like Vickie and Margarita "forgot" to wear their PJs.

The breakfast line--so many choices.  Diana made a savory fritatta and everyone else brought items as well so there were lots of choices.

Just look at all those bright, shining faces ready to begin another fun filled day.

The cleanup crew had things cleared up quickly so we could be off for the day.

Next stop is Luckenbach, TX where everybody is somebody!

None of our Louisiana crew had been to Luckenbach before so we had to do the quick tour of everything.

It looks a little quiet for a Sunday morning but there was a music festival going on and we had to get in and get out before that started because we had too much other stuff going on to enjoy the festival.  The crowd would be back in right after lunch to finish up the weekend.

Any other weekend or even weekday, you would find some sort of a band playing back here.  The fun part is that you never know who will show up to play.

The snack bar was gearing up to feed the crowds that afternoon.

This is the famous Luckenbach dance hall.

Now we are off to the famous Willow City Loop to see all the wildflowers!


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