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Pink Flamingo GTG - 3rd Day - Lunch and the Wildflower Farm

On to Johnson City and lunch.  You may remember our lunch experience yesterday.  Today was at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.  Diana called to Pecan Street Brew Pub to let them know we were running a little behind at the LBJ Ranch.  No problem!  We found the restaurant one block off Hwy 290 right across from the Courthouse.  
A friendly host greeted us at the front door as we straggled in--three carloads remember.  He directed us to a large room at the back where several waitresses were handing out menus and taking beverage orders.  Separate checks--of course, no problem!  The host came back to help make sure everyone got their drinks while the waitresses took the food orders.  

Here we are in a nice big room all to ourselves.  There is a patio outback and there was a stage in one corner for bands.  They serve all different kinds of sandwiches and burgers.

 I didn't manage to get pictures of all the food because everyone, including me, was hungry.  This is my BLT with applewood smoked bacon and avocado and homemade chips.  The hamburgers were huge and very good according to those around me.  Others ordered pastrami or paninis--quite a variety.  They had several different kinds of fries including sweet potato.  Ronnie ordered a beer sampler which he passed around.  The waitresses and host kept coming back with more drinks, pitchers of water and ice tea.  Not a single order was messed up and each order went directly to the right person.  The cook even came out in a white cook's jacket to see if everyone was happy with their choice.  The checks were handed out individually with an apology that they didn't have enough check holder's for each one in the group with the other customers out front.  This place is great and I highly recommend it if you are passing through Johnson City or even to make a special trip.

As I said,  the Pecan Street Brew Pub is right across from the courthouse.  Courthouses in small Texas towns are always interesting.

Right next store is the old jailhouse.  

Another view of the restaurant.  I have driven through Johnson City so many times always on my way somewhere else but now I know I will be back and plan to spend some time.  We didn't have time to visit the National Historical Park Visitor's Center in Johnson City where the old settlement and LBJ's boyhood home is located.  I'll be back with the grandchildren to do another Junior Ranger badge there.

Our next stop was Wildseed Farm near Fredricksburg.

In addition to the garden items for sale, there is a gift shop, a snack bar, a wine tasting area, a butterfly house, and so many beautiful plants to look at that you will definitely spend some time here.

As you can see, the skies were threatening as they had been all day but we didn't let it slow us down.  Loretta, Birdie, Sharon, and Diana are ready to see the sights.

This gives you a hint of what you will find here.

They didn't mention the metal sculptures but they are also scattered throughout the area.  Isn't this giraffe beautiful?  The plant sculptures are also fantastic.

Carolyn and Diana are checking out the cactus sculptures.

They even had something special for the Pink Flamingos here.

This plant was really unique.  We knew it was real but it was hard to believe until you looked so close.

Do you need a gazing ball for your garden?  What color?  What size?

Some of the plants smelled just a good as they looked.

How about some pots?  They are grouped by color.

We were ready to step into Ladybird Meadow to see all the wildflowers in bloom.

Fields of California poppies.

Indian paintbrushes both red and all white.

On to the rows of flowers 

Here are the two Pink Flamingo birthday girls but you will see more on that later tonight.


  1. Funny, I've always thought her name was spelled Lady Byrd Johnson.

    I remember years ago during an interview she was asked, "How do you want people to remember you?" She said, "By the wild flowers on the highways" or something close to that.

    I never pass them that I don't say out loud, "Thank you Lady Bird."
    Rich used to laugh because I never forgot to say it--still don't.

    I think she was lovely woman.

    1. No matter what people feel about LBJ's politics, everyone loved Lady Bird and the wonderful legacy she left for Texas.


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