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The Longdogs
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A Day with Another RV Blogger

The RV was unloaded and back in the RV storage lot and my son Steve was headed off back to Florida.  And I was off to.....Camping meet my friend Susan from What's Up with Susan and Company.

After following each other's blogs, Susan and I met last spring when she came to Texas to take on her first camphost job at Garner State Park.  She had just recently become a full-time RVer.  This summer she took on a Gate Guard job in south central Texas.  It was hot and not easy since she travels solo but she stuck it out all summer.

Susan and Angel (the little furry bundle on her lap) are at Camping World to get a new awning installed as well as having a few other minor booboos fixed up.

I picked her up and we headed out for breakfast at Denny's.  Then we were off to do a few errands.

Once the errands were done, we headed out to Canyon Lake for a little tour.  We spent the whole day together and had a nice time.  Angel tagged along while Susan's 5th wheel was being worked on.  As soon as it is done, she is off to a new workcamping gig in West, Tx.  That would the town of West not the part of the state.  It's up by Waco.

Hope you enjoy the new job Susan and hope we can get together again soon.  It's fun to meet other bloggers and get to know them.


  1. Oh what a fun day that you gave to Susan while she had to wait. Now that's my kind of waiting!

  2. Great opportunity to re connect. Denny's looks just like anyone of them here in Canada.

  3. Oh, what wonderful fun! I hope to spend some time with Susan and Angel while they are in West. Good for you two! :)


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