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Some Simple RV RV Updates At Last

I've had this 5th wheel for a couple of years now and have used it many times but it still needs a few things to make it mine as well as to make it more functional.  I have been looking for a spice rack for quite a while but couldn't find exactly what I wanted.  I have lots of storage and cupboard space but counter space is not huge.  So, I wanted a spice rack that I could hang on the inside of the cupboard door.  Since the cupboard doors are paneled but the center panel is not solid, I needed one just the right size to mount on the frame of the door.  I know the rack looks crooked but it isn't; the angle of the open door is what makes it crooked.

I got this installed just before my trip to Canyon Lake and it was really nice to have the spices corralled instead of  tipping over in the big cabinet.  It fits perfectly between the top and bottom shelves.  I never claimed that I was reinventing the wheel, just making my RV better for me.  My second mod was also very simple.  I wanted to get the paper towel roll off the counter but hanging it under the cabinet looked cluttered and took space I didn't want to give up.  So I planned on putting it inside the cupboard again, on the door opposite the spice rack.  Finding a rack with the screw brackets in the right place was a difficult task.  I had one but the screw brackets were in the wrong place.  Finally found one at the ACE Hardward Store in Sattler out by Canyon Lake and, it was the cheapest one I've seen.  These are deep cupboards so the space the two mods take up is not missed at all.

On to some picture hanging.  I didn't have a single picture on the walls but I do now.  I used some of the Command Velcro Picture Hanging strips.

I put up several other frames but they don't have pictures in them yet.  I think I may have to make one small change though.  I wanted the frames on each side of the living room slideout to match so I hung the clock over the door.  It looks fine but.....I can't easily see it from the recliner so I may have to switch it out with the frame at the end of the slide by the dining table.  Good thing they are attached with velcro.

The spice rack came with two other racks but so far I haven't found a good place to use them yet.  Something to ponder until I get back on the road again......


  1. Always enjoy seeing other people's ideas, and I am constantly making "improvements" to my own rv. Thanks!

  2. Ewwww I see 99 degrees on your clock?????? Love your modifications... keep em coming!

    1. Hmmmm, good catch. Wonder what was up with that? It definitely wasn't 99 degrees in the RV. Outside, yes, but inside was very comfortable. We have the arctic package on our Jayco and one A/C does quite well at keeping us very comfortable even in the hot summer. Compared to your RV mods, these are nothing but then, I definitely don't have a Steveio to help out. lol

  3. Great improvements! I like the velcro idea. I've used it before, but I have a problem plaque. Duh, now I know what to do with it! How is it that we do these things, but in time, forget?

  4. Good improvements. Even just one small change seems huge in an RV.

  5. Looks like your improvements will work great. Just love the Velcro. That's what I use too.


  6. Regardless if it’s minor of major, updating an RV never fails to excite me. Ever since I got mine, I never ran out of ideas to make my RV as homey as possible. I think you’d agree with me that RV’s are not cheap. Hence, it’s only proper to take care of it.

    -Liza Pilon


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