The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Return of the Adventurer-Pursued by Rain

The last couple of days have sped by.  Saturday morning my DH called from his overnight stay in Ft Stockton to check on the weather here.  It was already 10 AM and he hadn't left yet because it was pouring with rain there. Our forecast here was for the rain to move in around suppertime so he decided to head out.  He rode through 40 miles of rain before it cleared up.

While he was traveling, I spent most of the day with Margareta, one of the Pink FlaminGoes from the lunch on Friday.  We met at Costco in the morning and then I went back to her house to provide a little more computer assistance.  She has friends across the world from all her travels so I helped her make some "business cards" a while ago.  That way she doesn't have to spend so much time writing all her contact info down when she meets people with whom she is interested in sharing.  She used almost all of those cards on her last jaunt to Alaska this summer.  We made a couple of changes, added a little info, and changed the picture she has on them.  She travels in her RV with a retired "working dog, K-9 Lusci" and Yenta, a cat who walks on a leash.  She had a new better picture of them with her Winnebago View motorhome.  Margareta is a retired working dog trainer so she is well qualified to provide one of these K-9s with the right type of home when they retire.  While she was busy making some vegetable dumpling soup for us, I spent some time helping organize her computer recipes and showing her how to organize a little better with folders.  She has thousands of photos from all her travels.

DH had just arrived at home when I pulled in.

After my post on Thursday night's rain, we didn't get any on either Friday or Saturday.  It started raining again about 6:30AM this morning and just quit a few minutes ago.  Let me tell you, 67 degrees is pretty cold when you are used to 95 or better.

"No, mom.  We don't have to go outside to potty.  It's raining."

"Nope, nope, still don't have to go.  Why do you have the leash mom?"  Gretchen gritted her teeth and headed out to go potty on her own.  The "boys" got taken out on the leash several times during the day.

Can you see the rain??

Okay, how about here?  It rained all day, not hard, just a nice steady soft rain.

And tomorrow (Monday), the sun will be back and the temps return to their normal 90 plus degrees.  Yay!  I think the nights will be down in the high 60s so that will be nice.   Now to prepare for the muddy paw syndrome.  The dogs will want to check out their yard including the flowerbeds which is where they get muddy.  Darn.


  1. Thank you Colleen for all of your help. I started to organized some of the photos, in to folders. I appreciate all your help. Margareta

  2. Great pics. I think Harley and Sally might possibly be cousins. Gotta love those blue dogs.

  3. Great shots of the fur kids!! They do hate to be in the rain.

  4. I think you are picking on my little four footed friends! If you had a blow dryer installed at the back door, then when they come in, they could hold up their little paws and dry them off! Everyone would be happy! Hope it stays cool in th evening for you guys!

  5. Angel doesn't like the rain either. I put her fence right outside the door, but also under the slide so she doesn't get too wet. She can't get back in quick enough and I know where to pick up her deposits.


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