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The Longdogs
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Two Wheels On the Road to Ruidoso, NM

A trip to the Aspen Motocycle Rally in Ruidoso NM used to be a more regular occurrance for my DH back in the days I worked as a branch chief in the Sheppard AFB Contracting Squadron.  September meant 60 to 80 hour weeks for me as my branch manhandled the huge end of year contracting workload.  His trip made life easier for both of us as he enjoyed it and I didn't have the additional stress of a DH annoyed due to my workhours.  Well that was about 8 years ago.  DH decided that this would be a good year to make the trek back.

He spent most of the weekend getting ready to go.  Saturday he pulled a muscle and thought that the two wheel trip might have to turn into a four wheel trip.

He already had a hotel reservation in Ft Stockton as well as nights booked in Ruidoso.  In the old days, he took a tent and it usually rained and was a lot colder than it was in Wichita Falls.

 Monday morning his back was feeling better and he was off.  

I'm betting he will still get to use his rain suit while he is there.  But at least I will know he is warm and dry in a hotel room and he is still "on the road" again.  Have fun, be safe.


  1. I hope he has a super fantastic time.

  2. I love the 'Golden Aspen Rally' and have been many times. We called it Aspencade until Honda stole the name from us.
    (ps~I'm in Lubbock if need be)

  3. Good for your DH! I'm glad his back got better so he could make the trip.

  4. Glad he got to go and have his adventure.


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