The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Play Date for Harley

As you know I have three miniature dachshunds, Willy, Gretchen, and Harley.  Gretchen's brother, Owen, lives with our very good friends on the other side of San Antonio.  Loretta called and asked me to come over to go shopping and have dinner.  She said "why don't you bring the furkids for a play date with Owen?"  Well, since we also planned to go out for a short shopping trip, I didn't think I should bring all three of the furkids along at one time as four dachsies can have quite a wild time.  So, I tucked a leash in my purse when no one was looking and picked Harley up as I headed out the door.  I knew that Willy and Gretchen would be quite annoyed that Harley was going in the truck and they were staying home so a quick, quiet departure was in order.

Owen is quite a bit bigger than Harley but he is 9 and Harley is 3 and feisty so no problem.  Owen was a little surprised when I showed up with Harley as he is used to getting quite a bit of attention and lots of cuddles from me.  I guess Loretta forgot to tell him he was having company. They checked out Owen's back yard and ignored each other for a while.  Then Owen gave him a tour of the house after we came back from shopping.  They waited until after dinner about a half hour before I was ready to leave to really get to the wrestling and games.

Harley thinks he can "take" Owen.

Owen says "think again youngster".

Harley is ready for round two.  See him flexing his muscles?

Heads up, butts down.

Harley has Owen pinned from underneath.

They had a ball.  Too bad there isn't sound here.  You would have thought Rottweilers were facing off but they were just having a really good time.  If you think Owen looks big compared to Harley in this picture, you should see Owen next to his dainty sister Gretchen.  Willy and Gretchen gave Harley quite a talking too when he got home and then he got to tell them all about his exciting day.

And.............that's the end!


  1. Wow. Owen looks just like our Ben, which we lost over two years ago due to cancer. The best dog we ever had. Still miss him. It's always fun to watch a couple of dogs play at killing each other.:-)

  2. Your dog looks so completely adorable, very similar to my Mitchell. Looks like he had a heck of a time here! Thanks for the pics.

    Started following your site, hope you follow back my Coachella travel blog soon :)

  3. Love the head down & butt up attitude.

  4. This post is so cute - I love watching dogs play. Katie doesn't usually participate, but she has had a couple of friends she played "chase" with, and I loved it. Harley and Owen are having a ball! :)


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