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Exploring Victoria Texas

Gloria and I headed to Walmart for a quick shopping trip and then set out to do a little exploring in Victoria, TX.  First stop was the Museum of the Coastal Bend.  The museum of the Coastal Bend is located on the campus of Vicoria College at the corner of Ben Jordan and Red River.he Museum of the 
Coastal Bend is located on the campus of Victoria College at the corner of Ben Jordan an

d Red River in iThe La Salle Odyssey exhibit tells the story about first European settlement in Texas as well as the French Fort St. Louis, and the archeological excavation of the French ship La Belle in Matagorda Bay.

The Museum of the Coastal Bend's Fort St. Louis exhibition explores the first French settlement in Victoria County and the first European settlement in Texas. From French explorer, Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de LaSalle’s early expeditions in what is now Canada to life at Fort St. Louis and the archeological research on these subjects, the story is told through descriptive panels, photographs, and original artifacts found at the site. 

Included is the exhibit of seven of the eight cannons brought to Texas by French explorer La Salle.

There are also artifacts recovered from La Salle’s ship La Belle which sank in nearby Matagorda Bay, including munitions and personal items from the explorers like a small glass fica, possibly worn as a charm to ward off evil spirits.  

There are also exhibits on Early Peoples of the Texas Coastal Bend featuring archeological evidence of prehistoric people and cultures in the Coastal Bend, such as stone projectile points, bone and shell tools and decorative objects, some dating up to 13,000 years ago. Some of the featured sites include the abundant McNeill Ranch Site (41VT141) and Buckeye Knoll (41VT98), one of the three earliest large cemetery sites found in the United States.  

There were a couple of interesting sites outside too.  

Our next stop was at River Park but first we drove through an historical neighborhood near the park that contained a wide variety of architectural styles of homes.  We stopped at a lovely pond area in the park.

After seeing this sign, you kind of wonder what you are getting in to but we pressed on.

We were closely monitored by this pair so we didn't dare try anything funny here.

A father and his two sons were enjoying a fishing expedition nearby so we decided it was safe.

The sounds around the pond were just as good as the views.

There was a whole contingent of cypress knees.

I think Gloria was checking for turtles or other signs of water inhabitants.

I caught this turtle sunning himself nearby.

It was warm in the sun but quite comfortable in the shade of the pergola.

Across the pond we found stepping stones in front of the small waterfall.

Even Tarzan would have found these vines strong enough to swing from.

We drove on around through the park and stopped once we saw the beautiful Rose Garden.  All the bushes are in memory of someone.  It was pretty but it smelled even better.

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon with a friend.


  1. I so agree - a lovely way to spend an afternoon with a friend. I could almost smell those roses with you.

  2. What an interesting place. It's so neat and clean. Very unique. Thank you for sharing. I have bookmarked it and put it in trip notes in case I'm ever in the area.

  3. Looks like a very nice day out.

  4. I had the opportunity to visit Victoria for nearly six months - It is an extremely beguiling town! The historic homes and buildings in the Old Town area are beautiful and photogenic, as are the people. The folks were friendly (as only Texans can!), and eager to help. I'd love to spend even more time there!
    Thank you so much for sharing your photos!


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