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The Longdogs
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Trip to Mexico and Mexican Bingo

Okay, I know you are expecting to see pictures of a trip to Mexico but I didn't go (no passport is one of the reasons).  Quite a few of the ladies made the trip across the border to Nuevo Progresso.  Our hostess Sue lives here in the Valley and Nuevo Progresso is the only place she would go across these days.  It is a very small town and there have been no problems there so people go across to dentists and pharmacies as well as lunch and shopping.  They all had a great time and they all came back without any problems.  They did see soldados with automatic guns but stayed on the two blocks of the main shopping area.  In addition to the pharmacies, they came back with some cute dresses.  Guess what???? The labels inside said India so I guess that the U.S. is not the only country with foreign country import problems.  They had a nice lunch at a restaurant too and nobody came back with Montezuma's Revenge either so all was good.

It was our Bingo Night.  We do this once every flocking but tonight we played "Chalupa!" Mexican Bingo.  It has pictures and Mexican names in addition to a number so we all got to either practice our TexMex or learn some of it.  It was a lot of fun and when we play Bingo, everyone wins a prize because if you win a second time, you pass the win to your neighbor so the game is fun for everyone.  Some of the prizes were for RVs and some were just other nice prizes.  I won a lovely ceramic coffee cup with a lid.

First, we had a potluck snack.  Liz, Margareta, and Sharon check out the goodies.

Then we gathered in our meeting room in the Casa Blanca.  Where's Shirley??

Here are a couple of the Bingo cards for Chalupa.  They have a number, a picture, and the name of the picture in Spanish.  We used beans as markers.  Can you see #28, La Sandia, and the picture of watermelon?  You can learn a little a little Spanish along the way.

The caller uses the cards on the top right and left to call the bingo.

It was fun and different than regular bingo.  Birdie was one of the first winners.  Liz is still checking out her cards.

Margareta liked the package the gift was wrapped in as well as the gifts.

Rhonda won a cute Flamingo key chain.  Her mom, Joella, looks on.

Martha looks happy too.

Everyone had a great time and everyone went home with a prize.  You can't beat that.

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  1. This is actually a very popular game with the local Mexicans.


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