The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Hanging Around Lazy Longhorn RV Resort with Friends

Gloria was off to Corpus Christi this morning to visit with her cousin for lunch.  I wanted to get a couple more pictures here at the park.  They have very nice landscaping.  Near the pool is a banana forest.

The pool is not huge but it's nice and there is a deck around it.  It is supposed to be heated but, unfortunately for us, it is undergoing repairs at the moment.

There is also a nice hot tub.  The water fall was turned off because it too currently has a heating problem and parts are on order.  Darn!

Martha and Pat arrived about 3:15 followed by Carolyn about 45 minutes later.  Since Gloria fixed me a lovely dinner the night I arrived, I decided to pay it forward and had the crockpot cooking when the other ladies arrived.

Some of you may recognize Irmi's Italian Chicken recipe served with rice.  We had a salad too but that was the first course.

Tomorrow we all leave for the Rio Grande valley.  See you later.


  1. Okay - where's the dessert? LOL Dinner looks wonderful. Too bad about the pool and hot tub. That's a really neat hot tub set up.

  2. Oh the food looks great -- send me some please! I don't even feel like getting up to put anything in the microwave right now....

  3. You and your friends are having such a good time. I just caught on all your posts. You really do live life to the fullest. I am happy for you.


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