The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

First Day at Victoria Palms RV Resort

We arrived at the Victoria Palms RV Resort in Donna TX about mid-afternoon.

The resort office was closed (only open 0800-1200 M-F during the off season) but once the gate guard arrived back at the gate, he gave us temporary passes and sent us on to our previously booked sites and we got all set up.  This is the view down the main boulevard.

View of my site from across the boulevard.  RVs are scattered among park models.

Martha, Vicki, and I all parked in a row.  Our whole group was parked right off the boulevard but there were park models scattered in between.  All of one or two of the park models were empty right now.

Our hostess for this flocking, Sue, came one day early and was ready to greet everyone.  Gloria had also arrived Saturday afternoon so she helped Sue put out some flamingos to mark our sites.

This is what a resort looks like when almost all the Winter Texans have gone home.  They may be Snowbirds elsewhere but in Texas, they are welcome Winter Texans.

It's actually a great time to come as it is not yet unbearably hot, you have the use of all the facilities, it's not crowded, and did I mention they take Passport America?  Yes, a real deal. This is the laundry and computer room.

The restaurant is closed for the season.  Encore bought this resort and another one here in the valley.  they have already updated the hotel rooms.  Yes, there is a hotel.  The resort also has some cabins.  Joella and Rhonda rented one and it was very reasonable and completely furnished and set up.

Mail room below.  They also have Arts and Crafts building, Recreation Building, Ballroom, etc.

Shuffleboard courts and they also have tennis and boche ball too.

There are two pools and three hot tubs also called therapy pools.  lol

For dinner, we all met at the Casa Blanca, a small two room house the resort provided us for the week we are here.  The house has a mini kitchen and a meeting room.  Winter Texans had created three quilts depicting their home states or provinces to decorate the walls.

Sue whipped up taco salads for dinner for all of us which were fantastic.

Shirley also brought a huge chocolate cake for Sharon's birthday.  It was wonderful!

We all headed over to the pool after dinner to cool off.  Of course, we didn't let the hot tubs go to waste either.  Colleen, Carolyn, Margareta, and Pat enjoying the pool.

Day 1 was a resounding success!

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  1. Gosh that looks like fun! I sure miss hanging with my girlfriends; glad you are enjoying your time!


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