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Home Again, Home Again

Ah, the part of the trip that one dreads but in some way still looks forward to.....heading home. Not a real issue for my full-timer friends but one for my any-timer or part-timer friends. I was able to get one more night (Sunday) at Corpus Christi NAS but would have had to move to another site.  Moving to another site was not a big issue until I checked the new site out on Saturday. Not good, especially for just one night. It would have required backing in from a very narrow road into a very narrow drive with curbs right next to a huge bush. Doable but just not worth all the effort for just one night.

I woke up Sunday morning inside a fluffy cotton ball. You could not see anything 25 feet away from the being in a different alien world.  I got the RV all hooked up and then just settled back with a cup of coffee and my computer to enjoy the next few hours. Departure should have been by 11:00 but check-in isn't really until 2:00. There was no one was in the office on Sundays anyway. And it would have been insane to attempt to drive anywhere in the heavy fog.  I figured I would just sit tight until the fog disappeared. It was highly unlikely that the next camper would show up anytime soon as they would have been just as impacted by the heavy fog. If they were crazy enough to drive in it, I would have just pulled into a nearby parking lot and stayed there all day if necessary. No one belonged on the road in that pea soup.

About 12:30, the pea soup cleared up when a breeze blew in. A quick potty break for the dachsies and we pulled out. Still dragging my feet about ending my lovely trip, I thought I would try a Passport America park in Mathis. This would be a short drive but it would put me beyond Corpus Christi for Monday morning rush hour the next day.  We zipped up to Mathis and found the Mathis Motel and RV Park without a problem. Well, a little problem.....I pulled in, drove around the turn around, and pulled right back out again.  It was a sad, dreary looking place with some RV looking like they were there for the long term haul as they disintegrated in place. I have had great luck with Passport America and never run into a place like this but, please, cross it off your list. You'll be glad you didn't bother to pull off the highway. I should have checked on the state parks in the area as there are several. Instead, I decided to head on home since it was only two hours away anyway.

I pulled into the next roadside park to do some advance prep and opened my bedroom slide. It took just a couple of minutes to strip the bed and unload the clean clothes from drawers into a clothes basket. My driveway at home is at a slight incline so I don't like to open the slides in an off level situation. Then I was off.

My other reason for preferring to arrive home on a weekday rather than a weekend is that I live on a very short cul-de-sac and several of the neighbors angle park their vehicles into the cul-de-sac making it very difficult circle and back into our driveway. Since the HOA only does drive arounds once a week during the daytime, they pretend they don't know this illegal parking is the normal practice. I only have the RV at home a day or maybe two before it goes back to the storage place but if complaints ever arise, my ignoring this parking will end.  I figured I would` just park on the adjoining street overnight and only unload what I needed that night.

And that is just what I did. The next day, I backed the RV in and got it unloaded. My son Steve always shows up and helps out just when I need him. We also gave the RV a quick bath to ensure any salt from the trip was washed away.

Note to self:  next time be sure you announce you are coming home a day early so the backyard grass gets cut, the carpet gets vacuumed, and the kitchen get cleaned up before you get there.  Hmmmm.

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  1. Heh heh it sure would be nice to come home to it all being done!

    Karen and Steve
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