The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

The Sun, the Sun!

Well, my trip down to the Valley went smoothly other than very chilly weather and I had no trouble at all finding Citrus Valley RV Park, where my friend Birdie is staying. Thanks to her directions I had an easy turn from the right directly into the park. I knew where I would be parking the RV since she had already spoken to the office and they were putting me right next to her. Since there was a big event in the rally hall next to the office and cars were parked everywhere, I just went directly to the site and got backed in.

My hitch was binding a bit when I unhooked and before I knew it, there were two gentlemen right there just sure they needed to help me out.  I wasn't in any trouble and the unhooking would have gone a little faster without the "assistance" but I kept smiling and managed to get it done the right way without hurting their feelings.  A quick trip to the office took care of sign in and paying.  Brrr, there sure wasn't any extra heat down here. The dachsies were very happy to see Birdie again and they also got a visit from Sandy, a new friend of Birdie's who also has a dachshund.

Thursday and Friday were equally cold and damp. The Traveling Longdogs were not interested in any long walks which suited me just fine because the wind was cold and biting. Thursday evening, Birdie and I picked Sandy up and met Sue, another RVing friend of mine, and Carolyn at a Mongolian Grill restaurant. Sandy and Carolyn had never been to this type of restaurant where you pick out all your
vegetables and meat and then it is cooked for you on a big grill so it was an experience. You also choose the seasonings and type of oil and sauce you would like on it.  It was delicious and the service was great too.

Friday, Birdie cooked a big pot of beans and I made cornbread.  Sue joined us for a late lunch and afternoon visit.  Sue winters in another park in Edinburg and travels the remainder of the year. Birdie is also a full-timer who considers the San Antonio area her home base with travels elsewhere anytime. The new ladies I met, Sandy and Carolyn, are both Winter Texans. Sandy has an RV here and workcamps at Citrus Valley every winter.  She has another RV up north where she spends the other half of the year.  Having family at both locations helps a lot since her husband died last spring.  Carolyn is staying at another park.  There are hundreds of RV parks down here in the Valley filled with happy Winter Texans. Of course, they would all be happier this winter if it was warmer but then so would the rest of us Texans.

Today the sun finally made an appearance and it very quickly warmed up.  The dachsies and I got in several nice walks around the park but I inconveniently forgot the camera.  We planned to do a little sightseeing this afternoon but Willy was having some sort of separation anxiety and was putting up quite a fuss so we only ran out to a store and came back to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Willy and Gretchen will both be 11 in April but he is showing his age lately and just isn't quite himself since he is having some allergy itching problems as well. Willy better be feeling a lot less anxious about me leaving him home tomorrow!  


  1. Tell Birdie and Sue I said hello! Enjoy your visit.

  2. Sure glad the sun is coming back for your long dogs. I know how much they want to lay in the hot sun. Skitz sometimes has those same separation anxieties. I can't even go to the bathroom without her tripping me on my way and I don't dare shut the door. She'll be 10 this year. Scooter will be 12 but she doesn't seem to have too many issues yet.

  3. What you forgot your camera????

    So glad you are enjoying the Mexican sun I sent up your way.

    Poor Willy, sure hope he is better soon. Sometimes I give the girls a Claritin for adults. It does help.

  4. At least it's a tiny bit warmer. Say hi to Birdie for me.


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