The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

The Parrots of 10th St in McAllen TX

Sunday night we headed down to 10th St about 5:30 PM to see the parrots. It's an amazing sight that happens in different places across the Rio Grande Valley.

They swoop in, flocks of them. There may be flocks of grackles in the same area but the grackles stay out of the parrots chosen areas. They line up on the wires and chatter loudly while they preen each others feathers.

They pair off and cuddle up.  Sometimes they even hang there upside down.

It's an amazing sight.  One site I found labled them as Red Headed Mexican Amazons sometimes also called Green Cheeked Amazons. Supposedly they are native to north east Mexico they are somewhat endangered.  At dark they head to their favorite trees where they settle on inner branches so they are hard to see. 

You will find some much better close-up pictures and some more information at

Hmmmm........based on some further research, I think these are actually green parakeets rather than parrots. They are much smaller but have many of the same personality traits.  Very fun to see.


  1. Had to love his comments about the differences between the male and female birds. That would really be a neat experience.

  2. I may have jumped the gun on assuming these birds are the Red Headed Mexican Amazons. My friend Birdie and I were looking at the post again today and she thinks that our green parrots are not as big as the Red Headed Mexican Amazons. Don't you love it when there might be several different kinds of parrots flocking wild down here? Maybe Judi will weigh in on this as well. Anyway, I definitely will take another look while I am here. Maybe I will get a chance to see the bigger parrots as well.


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