The Longdogs

The Longdogs
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Rio Grande Valley Days

I haven't been to good at posting on this trip. First few days were cold as I said. Then it warmed up but was still kind of cloudy so I haven't been taking a lot of pictures.  This my site at Citrus Valley RV Park next to Birdie's Class A.

There is no one parked in the three sites between me and the back road which is nice. The park is a mixture of  various types of RVs, patio homes, and a row of larger mobiles. The place is pretty well kept up and some of the Winter Texans have put quite a bit of effort into their sites. Some of the sites may be occupied year round although most appear to be used mostly in the winter. I'm not sure the pool and hot tub had time to heat up to full use after the last polar blast but I still have hopes.  There is a big hall with lots of activities going on. One of my neighbors is one of the park officers and she brought me over a sheet listing all of the activities. They have entertainers arrive in a huge red bus on Saturday and they also have dances. There is an additional charge for the outside entertainment and the public is also invited.  They have a nice little library with lots of comfortable seating for park residents. They also have pool tables, a shuffleboard court, and a laundry. I think there is a pool tournament on Monday and a quilting group meeting on Tuesday.

Sunday Birdie and I met Sue for lunch at the 107 Cafe.  There were lots of locals there so that's a pretty good guarantee of good food.  Of course, Birdie and Sue have eaten here quite a few times so they already knew it was good.

Birdy and I had chicken fajita tacos with boracho beans and salad.  They were very good although definitely not like the grilled fajitas I am used to having. These were cooked in a reddish sauce. The homemade flour tortillas were great.  It was a beautiful day today. We made a grocery run after lunch.

I found a wet spot under my kitchen sink the day after I arrived here but it appears that the tightening I did on the connections where you can put an inline water fill did the trick. There has also been perplexing minor leak behind the toilet. I have noticed a little water about two or three times a year since I got the RV. I even had it in for warranty work about six months after I got the RV but, of course, they couldn't find anything.  There are a couple of connections but I think I may have found the spot so I tightened that too.  So far no more wet spot so I'll keep checking it.

Tomorrow may include a trip to South Padre Island......

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. You didn't say how long you stayed in the LRG. Were you snowbirding, or just hanging with Birdie? Tell her we said "Hi". Where is Dave? We are snowbirding at Vandenberg AFB, and off to Sequim, Wa for the summer. We are looking at coming to San Antonio in the fall, because Adrienne is looking at coming back to Texas. We are looking to emtpy our storage and going totally anchorless. See Ya


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