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The Longdogs
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A Surprise Visit

On my previous post about the drive up the western shore of Lake Huron, I mentioned that we had another adventure. As we drove past Port Sanilac, Nadine and I were talking about how Aunt Shirley and Uncle Steve used to bring their RV to a park near Port Sanilac. We passed Holiday Beach RV Park and thought that was probably the place.

Uncle Steve passed away quite a few years ago and Aunt Shirley wasn't expected to live long after she moved in with her son Stevie and his wife JoJo. Well, she fooled them all and made a miraculous recovery. Nadine said she hadn't heard from her in a number of weeks and she was a little worried but she figured they might be up at their resort park. She didn't have the phone number with her so we were just looking along the shore when another Resort Park appeared on the lakeshore. It had more park models and mobile homes than RVs. We drove past. Then we looked at each other and made a joint decision to turn around and see if we check at the office and find out if they might be at that particular park. The office was closed of course!

We drove a little further along when Nadine said "that kind of looks like JoJo...I haven't seen her in a few years." Ever helpful, I said hop out and ask.....if it isn't her, she might know them and if not, we'll never see her again anyway.

It was JoJo....what are the chances of that....don't know the park....don't know their mobile home....stopped on a whim. We had a fantastic visit. Aunt Shirley was so very surprised and so happy to see us. We all laughed at this picture because Aunt Shirley was never too fond of small dogs and cats as pets.....until her great granddog came along. Now she keeps treats to entice Canela to visit her room. Canela is Spanish for cinnamon which is a little confusing until you know that the dog was cinnamon colored when she was very small.

It's been a few years since I've seen Stevie and JoJo. Stevie is my DH's and Nadine's cousin. They have a lovely rehabbed mobile home with a huge deck that even has a firepit. You can see the lake from the deck too. This is their first season at this beach resort but they are really enjoying it...lots going on and a friendly place....also not as far to drive from their home in Mt Clemmons.

Nadine and I had a fantastic day and this unexpected visit may have been the very best part of it.


  1. What a very special treat for everyone. Was meant to be.

  2. It's great visiting with family you haven't seen in years.


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