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Lake Huron Western Shore: Lexington and Port Sanilac

Sunday afternoon my SIL, Nadine, and I headed up the western shore of Lake Huron for a drive. As you head north from Port Huron, you can't see a lot of the lake because of all the houses and private property between the highway and the lake but once you get a little further north, the view opens up. We didn't leave until about 1PM, hoping that the sun would make more of an appearance.

Our first stop was Lexington.

I am always scanning the lake for the elusive ocean going freighters or even the ore carriers but this was what we saw the most of. Lots of boats in the harbor. These small town harbors are not built for any of the big ships. The day was cloudy but not foggy. I was here several years ago when you could not even see the land when you walked out on the pier. That was kind of spooky.

The sandy beach on the other side of the pier had people sunbathing and a few intrepid souls in the water.... not this Texan....too cold for even wading for me.

Looking back toward the shore from the L-shaped pier, you can what a great view those condo dwellers have from the windows on the lake side.

We walked back up the hill to the main street and had lunch at Sweetwater Deli and Bakery. The Pizza Con Carne was absolutely pizza I've had in a long time. The crust had poppy seeds and seasoning in it.

Lots of the towns around here have hanging baskets including downtown Port Huron. The season is short but they get lots of rain so the flowers are beautiful.

We checked out the General Store for tourists.

Another choice for lunch would have been Wimpy's. They are pretty famous in the area.

Heading back down to the truck, we admired the view this place has of the lake.

Then we got a real surprise, there was an otter walking around near the walkway. He didn't seem to be bothered by the humans walking nearby.

Back in the truck heading further up the shore, our next stop was Port Sanilac.

Another small harbor for yachts and pleasure boats.

We had another adventure in Port Sanilac but I'll save that for a separate post. You can just see the ghost image of a big ship out on the horizon.

M-25 has a really nice Rest Area with lots of parking right along the shore. If you come up this way, be sure to stop and the views are great.

It was a great afternoon.

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