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The Graduate

The graduation party I came north to attend was for my niece’s daughter Alyssa. She graduated a couple of months ago but they are very active in 4-H so the early part of the summer was pretty well filled with 4-H activities and other graduation parties. We headed out to the Goodell County Park and Fairgrounds where it was going to be held about 1:30PM on Sunday. It was set up as an open house from 1 to 7 PM.

There was plenty of room for everyone in the Exhibit Hall. It was a great place for a party with doors and windows facing each direction so it was cool and comfortable for everyone.

There was a great slide video set to music of Alyssa from her first days through graduation which included family members and friends and events that were important to her. It was such a nice thing for guests and a wonderful remembrance for Alyssa.

She is a very accomplished young lady as you can see from all the certificates, awards, and memorabilia displayed here. There were also two albums of photos: one from her life and one of her graduation and prom events. I have to add that her sister Natalie took all of her graduation and prom pictures and they were far better than most “professional” photos I have seen.

I was enjoying myself so I'm afraid I did a poor job of taking photos. I missed the huge long buffet with enough food for 150 guests. It looked great and tasted even better. The tables were all decorated in her school colors. (Alyssa and her Mom below)

It was wonderful celebration for friends and family as well as a wonderful send off for Alyssa put together by her very proud family. Alyssa has known she wanted to be a veterinary since she was little and has already interned with a number of local vets. She was even on a television episode with famous Dr Pol. Now she is heading off to Iowa State for her degree in Animal Science leading towards being a Vet. This girl has worked in Vet offices and has been assisting with animal surgeries and autopsies since she was very young so she has a real head start in the field. Good luck Alyssa!

I also got a chance to see just a small part of the grounds at the Park/Fairgrounds where the kids have spent so many years showing for 4-H events. In addition to the Exhibit Halls and Horse Barns, they also have a small village set up, a butterfly garden, and a splash park. There is a lot more but it was all I could see because it is a very large place.

It was such a great day and I'm so glad I made the trip. My niece and Alyssa had no idea I was coming so they both burst into tears (the really good excited kind, lol) when they saw me at the door.

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  1. Such a marvelous celebration with an obviously deserving young lady.


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