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Blue Water Riverwalk in Port Huron, MI

I found some changes since I last visited Port Huron. The town now has a riverwalk. The Blue Water River Walk is almost a mile long view of the St Clair River shoreline which starts just south of the mouth of the Black River in Port Huron. This is a whole new section about a mile south of the walk near the Blue Water Bridge to Sarnia, Canada.

The shoreline used to create this beautiful River Walk was donated to the Community Foundation of St Clair County by a local philanthropist, James C. Acheson and his wife Suzanne at Christmas 2011 with the stipulation that it always be open to the public. The $1.5 million initial gift has now been leveraged to create a total public and private partnership investing more than $6 million.

Just across the Black River at the beginning of the River Walk is the old Railroad Bridge. There is some controversy between those who want to tear it down (the Yacht Club sits just beyond it) and those who say it is a landmark and helps them find the mouth of the Black River if the weather turns bad.

This is the entrance to Desmond Landing with the Maritime Museum just behind it. There is lots of free parking here. You could probably even find room for your RV while you visit the River Walk. The museum is small but free and tells all about the river and what they are doing to improve the water quality and. There is even a camera down at the bottom of the river where you can see fish swim by. Yes, the water is very deep but pretty clear these days.

The is a small cafe with inside tables and a couple of food stands at the museum with picnic tables outside for those who prefer the fresh air.

The beginning of the River Walk is just beyond the museum.

Ships like these docked at terminals across the river in Canada regularly use the river to get between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. The water is deep and the current strong.

The river has long been a fishing ground and a lot of work has been done and is still ongoing to bring it back to its best state.

This is an old Navy training ship docked along the walk.

You'll also find some neat sculptures along the way.

I got my BIL and SIL to pose for me.

This huge sturgeon weighs in at 15 tons.

There are lots of signs telling about the river and nature along the walk.

Another view of the Navy training vessel.

This is an old railcar ferry crossing which has been restored.

The exhibit sign gives you a much better idea of how it worked.

It was a beautiful day and the flowers and butterflies were out in force.

A little further up the river you will find a new Seaway Terminal. I guarantee you that the temperature shown was at the least, 10 degrees optimistic. lol

The Coast Guard ship Bramble has been here for a long time. Again, that is Canada across the river.

Some people were seeing the sites in this little vehicle.

I took this picture of the traffic on the Blue Water Bridge crossing from Canada to the U.S. on a Sunday afternoon. It was bumper to bumper all the way across the bridge coming south to the U.S.

Don't miss the Blue Water River Walk if you are in the area. It also connects up to the Bridge to Bay Trailway for those that want a much longer walk or bike ride.

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