The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Road to Panama City Beach

Okay, how great is this????  A week after my return from the Pink FlaminGoes GTG in Rockport, TX, I was off to Panama City Beach Florida with my son and daughter-in-law. Helen was going to compete in the Half Triathlon over the weekend. A trip to Florida is a pretty nice Mother's Day present.  I stayed overnight at their house so that we could leave at o-dark-thirty in the morning....Steve, Helen, Angus, the two Traveling Longdogs, and me. Not taking the RV this time. We had a nice, if long, traveling day. We stopped several times for a potty break, lunch, etc.

Dinner was an actual sit-down stop at The Shed in Ocean Springs MS. The Shed has been completely rebuilt since my last visit there because there was a fire. It still looks the same though but I think it's bigger.

And parking is easier too even if you happen to stop with a large RV.

The bathrooms are kind of unique with shower curtains on the stalls but there is a real door to the room.

Angus and Steve went for a walk while Helen and I got the food. The Traveling Longdogs, Willy and Harley, went for a walk with me but we didn't go here.

Food was great and it was nice to have a little longer break and then on to Panama City Beach where Helen rented a condo right across from the beach.

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  1. Finally found time to get caught up on your blog. We are finally back into our home after being evacuated for over two weeks. So nice that you got to have a mini vacation with your son and Helen and all the dogs.


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