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The Longdogs
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Cruising Through Port Huron and Lexington Michigan

We spent a week in Port Huron, Michigan, visiting family and doing some sightseeing. I like to spend time along the river watching the ships go through as my Dad was a pilot for the foreign ships coming into Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron so it brings back a lot of memories.....however, I never seem to find as much time to do this as I would like. One day we drove up the shore of Lake Huron to Lexington.

It's a nice little town with a friendly vibe for tourists. They have a nice marina right down the hill from the main shopping area.

The park area also includes a beach.  Now it was definitely not warm enough for a Texan to go in the water but the Michiganders were enjoying it.

We managed to come on a craft fair day so the main shopping area was lined with booths.

These eggs were all carved quite impressively.

We also saw lots of paintings both acrylic and water color.

There were also lots of other craft items for sale.

My Pink FlaminGoes friends will appreciate the painting in the lower right corner.

We drove further up the shore and pulled in at a scenic outlook.

We were looking for big ships but this sailboat was the first one we saw.

Not a great picture but it was the only large ship we saw.

I should mention that on this trip, I stayed at the Port Huron Township RV Park. It is really the only reasonable priced one in town and it is a decent park. You can find it right behind the Cracker Barrel and just across the road from the Port Huron Township Park. Saturday night they had a potluck and a band. We missed the potluck because we were gone but we did enjoy the band. I wondered when I heard about the band if we would get any sleep but they started at 6:00PM and played until 10:00PM which is quiet hour so it was great. We were down there for a while and then I just opened my windows to enjoy the music without the mosquitoes.

We had a great week and wished we had longer that we could have spent here. There never seems to be enough time when you are having fun.  We were out of town for two of the days but that is for another post.

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