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RV Hall Of Fame

One of the places we wanted to visit in Elkhart Indiana was the RV/MH Hall of Fame.  Just so you know, the MH in the name stands for Manufactured Home NOT Motor Home.

Plan on allowing at least three hours so you can take your time here. Price is $10 or $8 for Seniors. They also have some other discounts so check the above.

The RV display area is laid out like you are traveling down a road. This is an overview of park of it taken from the upstairs balcony.

They have RVs on display starting with the 1920s and 1930s. Some of the really old rare ones allow you to see inside but not go inside.

Other RVs are open for you to step inside and imagine yourself traveling in them.

This early tent trailer had an extra bunk reachable from the outside under the canvas when it was pulled out.

Earlier trailers had wooden screen doors and lots of wood inside.

This small one had the door on the backside.

This gent invited me to sit down for a game of cards.

Check out the stove with fuel tank and the water pump in the kitchen.

This stove sat on the counter.

The RVs that have you cooking outside are enjoyed a resurgence these days with people who want something really small to tow.

This is Mae West's RV. They used it to transport her to sets rather than for camping. It included a back porch where she like to sit.

It did have some kitchen facilities inside.

These weren't big but they looked heavy.

Check out the bathroom right behind the driver.

This bullet shaped RV had the door in the back and a boat shaped front.

Early motorhome.

More unique plumbing.

Looks like a living room chair for the driver.

After you check out all the RVs, you can go upstairs and read to your heart's desire. Lots of RV publications here from over the years. There is also a hall where RV people are recognized for their contributions to the industry. Another hall has exhibits.
You will also find a manufactured home on display behind the building as well as a motorhome. There are spaces for parking RVs in the parking lot and you can also overnight there if you can do without any hookups. There are also back roads to get to the Hall of Fame without going on the toll road so be sure to ask at your RV park.
If you enjoy this museum, you will also like the RV Museum in Amarillo Texas which is courtesy of Jack Sizemore Traveland RV. It is free and includes many RVs on display.

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