The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Fun In Forest City!

Forest City Iowa......a small town with lots going on.

Home of Winnebago Industries.....the world's largest motorhome manufacturer, Waldorf University, biking and canoe trails, a Heritage Center, a state park, and more.

A corner shot of Lichtsinn RV.....they had a big sign for RV Rentals which originally misled us to believe these were all rentals but we later found out that there are only about 10-15 rentals which was a lot more believable. Apparently the salesman in the camping store there was not used to dealing with RVing women as he tried to tell Mary Jane and I that a propane detector was a carbon monoxide detector which is what Mary Jane was looking for when we came in. When I pointed out that in my experience, carbon monoxide detectors were round and propane detectors were oblong, he asked if I had a Winnebago. When I said no, he said perhaps mine was different than Winnebago. Of course, there was also the indisputable fact that Propane Detector was clearly written on the package.

Handsome looking courthouse in the center of town.

Downtown streets.

This family grocery store was really nice. In addition to groceries, they had a restaurant serving meals all day, a drive-up window for the restaurant, a great deli, a bakery, and more.

I had to take a picture of these "salads". The big one in front left was "Snickers Salad". The one with cherries to the right was "Cherry Cheesecake Salad". The rest looked good but were more the usual kinds of salad you would expect.

I love it when you find a really nice little city or county park like Pammel Park.
Ever seen a park with four dump stations????  In between are fresh water faucets.

It's on the honor system for camping.

Electric hookups.....fill your water tanks on the way in.

A real nice little park.

Winnebago also has hookups at their Visitor's Center for people waiting for service. They also have a huge campground for rallies. There is also camping at Pilots Knob State park.

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