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The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

The Mighty Falls.....Niagara

Right from the beginning of this trip, we wanted to go to Niagara Falls.  Inspite of many trips to Port Huron over the years, I have never made it to Niagara Falls and Mary Jane had not been since she was a teenager. It is only three hours to get to Niagara Falls from Port Huron if you go through Canada. As we were plotting and planning, we learned that Monday was a Canadian National Holiday so they had a three day weekend so we decided that the weekend would not be the time to go. The more we thought about it, we realized that we would only have time to spend one night there so we decided to leave the RVs in Port Huron and get a motel.  Since Willy and Harley were traveling with us, Motel 6 was the way to go since they welcome dogs. We headed out Monday morning figuring that we would arrive in the afternoon and the 3 day holiday crowd would be heading out.

We arrived before checkin time so we headed directly to the falls for our first view. We were lucky enough to find a parking meter a couple of blocks away since we knew we would only be there less than an hour.  Of course, it decided to rain.

I didn't get a picture but I can tell you that Willy and Harley were not happy about walking in the rain. This was our first view of the American falls with the bridge to the U.S. on the left.

The Canadian falls are in a horseshoe mostly hidden behind the spray in the picture.

This is the river behind the falls. You can see the strong current.

We walked further along and crossed the Lock Bridge. The idea is that you lock your love in the lock and throw away the key so it lasts forever. There were a lot of locks here.

Here you can ride the Incline Railway down the hill closer to the falls.

This is a partial view of the Canadian falls.

We headed back to the car as we were soaked and drove along the parkway.

As you drive further away from the falls, there are shops. See the Canadian Mountie on the left?

This was the only wildlife we saw on the trip.

We kept going and found ourselves in what seemed to be another small town.

We discovered later that it was "Niagara On the Lake".  It wasn't to lively for a holiday.

After checking into the hotel, the weather cleared up some and we decided to head back to the falls for better views. This is looking from Canada over to the American falls. We had initially planned to cross back over to the U.S. to see the American falls but decided we could see everything better from the Canadian side.

The green column on the left supports a platform that you can walk out on from the U.S. side to get a better view of the falls.

Boats go out from both sides of the border to get you closer to the falls. It is a really long way to hike down to the boarding area.

You can barely see him, but there is a person on the left going down the zipline in front of the falls.

The Canadian falls put out a lot of mist. You can see the boat on the right.

There is a revolving restaurant and viewing platform on this tower just like in San Antonio. You can see the little yellow elevator car near the bottom.

The flowers were really beautiful.

There is also a ferris wheel that you can ride to get a different view of the falls....not this girl.

This is the police station near the falls. There are actually some parking meters along the drive....otherwise you will have to park in a lot and all of the prices are steep...$5 for 30 minutes in the meter and $15-20 dollars in the lots above for all day if you can hike from them.

We drove down the parkway in the other direction this time.

Some maps of the area.

An overhead view of the falls.
We came back the next day when it was bright and sunny but you will have to wait for those pics.

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  1. We really had a great time when we were there. No Ferris Wheel for me either. We also took the Maid of the Mist boat ride which was so much fun. But we had the rig parked at the campground and were able to leave the pups there. Not happy about walking in the rain doesn't begin to describe how our pups would react.


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