The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Zipping from Michigan to Minnesota

The day after our trip to Mackinac Island, we headed further north. Did I mention that I put the comforter on the bed in St. for this Texas girl. We decided that since we had a short distance to travel for the day and since we had to go through Munising anyway, we would drive out to Pictured Rocks State Park. The Visitor's Center was right on the corner of the road we needed to take but there was certainly no room for RV parking to go in and get information. A neighbor at our St Ignace RV park told us they went to the park and were able so see many of the Pictured Rocks from the land without taking the boat cruise.

I have to say this plan was a bust. We drove all the way out to the park and down the park road. They had a parking lot for cars and another lot with 12 or 15 pull-through spots for RVs. Every one of those spots was filled with cars. There was no place we or any of the other RVs circling the lot could park and visit the viewing area. Very disappointing.  Anyway, we headed back on our way to Ishpemming.  Interesting hotel along the way.
Now why did we stay at Ishpemming???  Well, there were a couple of reasons. First of all, we wanted to get a little more than halfway to Duluth but I could not find any RV parks anywhere about the halfway point. Second, we did find a very nice park called Country Village RV Resort in Ishpemming. It was a very nice park and, while rather expensive in my book, it was also a Passport America park. PA rates were offered for only one night but that was exactly what we needed!

Sites were large and well separated with full hookups if you wanted them. They had a pool, hot tub, laundry, playground, etc. It was very spacious and located within walking distance behind Country Village with a movie theater, restaurant, etc. I would say it was a cross between a resort and a campground because, in addition to the resort amenities, you could also have a campfire. There were some seasonals, some tents, etc., but everything was scrupulously maintained and beautiful and it was quiet.

This couple was parked across from me and I just had to take a picture when they went to the dump station on their way out because I have never seen a Corvette towing anything let alone a trailer.

The next day we stopped along the road for lunch at a lovely overlook.

Next stop......Duluth, Minnesota. Mary Jane is crossing off the few states she had remaining on the list of states she had not visited.

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