The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Week with the Deer

Wow, this week has really flown past. Last Thursday Steve and I took the RV up to Lake Pointe RV Resort on Canyon Lake north of San Antonio. He was looking for a place to get away for the weekend with my DIL Helen. Since I planned to take the RV out to the lake right after the weekend, I told him we could take it up early if they wanted to use. I knew they would take good care of it and they both know about RVs so I didn't have to worry. He picked Helen up at the airport, stopped to get different clothes, and headed out for the surprise weekend.  I think they had a good time. Angus enjoyed the scenery at the lake.

He was fascinated by the funny looking dogs that seemed to be everywhere. Good thing he is a good boy and knows that he can look all he wants but no barking or chasing allowed. The Traveling Longdogs, Willy in particular, made that very clear to him on his first visit last year. I didn't tell the dachsies that Angus was out in their RV or they would have been very jealous.

Steve, Helen, and Angus headed home on Monday. I headed out to Canyon Lake in the morning but didn't make it to Lake Pointe until dinner time.

I met Birdie at Potters Creek COE and we headed up to Boerne to meet Ouida, another female RVer, for lunch. Ouida is a member of the WOMEN RVing group that I manage on RVillage and this was the first time Birdie and I met her in person. Another RVing friend, Mary Jane, drove up from San Antonio to meet us. We had a great lunch at the Dog and Pony Grill in Boerne. The weather was fantastic and we spent several hours on the patio enjoying the lunch and the company. The chicken salad sandwich three of us opted for was great!.

Back at Canyon Lake, my plan was to shampoo the carpet in my 5th wheel with the shampooer my neighbor lent me.  Since we were at Birdie's motorhome first, we decided to give her living room carpet a shampoo's not like it takes long to do. Then I was off to my 5th wheel where I gave my carpet a much needed scrub. I even got up in the morning and gave it another scrub with just plain water to rinse out any carpet cleaner residue hoping it would stay clean even longer.

I made a trip to the grocery store and back to the RV so it was late afternoon by the time I headed back in to San Antonio to return the carpet cleaner and pick up the Traveling Longdogs. Once I was home, I took one look at the carpet there and guilt set in because it really needed cleaning too. Sooooo.......I cleaned the downstairs carpet while Dave made dinner for us. My arm and back was getting pretty sore pushing the carpet cleaner back and forth but the upside was that Dave took the machine apart to clean the front of it while I cleaned out the tanks and brushes. I was happy with clean carpets at home and in the RV, and my neighbor was happy because she got back a machine that was cleaner than it had been in a while. They don't make it easy to clean those things out.

Now, back to the lake to relax.

Our neighbors the next morning.....

 The dachsies like to get a little relaxing in while they are RVing........Harley.

Gretchen.......hmmmmm, looks like she is sticking her tongue out.

And Willy........
Today we had to make another run to town. Birdie is a full-timer and she had things to drop off at her storage unit. We were close to my house so I picked up a couple of things I forgot. We stopped for lunch at Mozie's in Gruene on the way back....two for one coupon so how could we pass that up. The sandwiches are so big that we each had half left which made for a great dinner too. The dachsies did more of the above while we were gone.
Tomorrow, we are off to an Alpaca Ranch near Huntsville owned by a friend of Birdie's. At least that is the plan tonight. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Next week we are off to Sulphur LA for a Pink FlaminGoes GTG.
                                                                 "laissez les bons temps rouler"

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  1. Your pups know how to relax as good as ours do. we just had a bison wander through our campground about two sites over and Scooter wasn't sure if she wanted to go play with him or not. We didn't give her any choice in the matter. I would think the Alpaca Ranch would be a lot of fun.


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