The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Along the Creole Nature Trail

Before I get completely side-tracked, I should mention that Carolyn fixed us all homemade taco soup Wednesday night. It cooked all day while we were busy doing other things and was just fantastic with a side of garden salad. We haven't had a less than great meal yet.

Thursday morning had us all heading out to the Creole Nature Trail. There is a loop that starts in Sulphur, goes south to the gulf, and then loops back up to Lake Charles. However, you can also follow it west to Texas or east to New Orleans. Obviously, we only traversed part of it. You can do it as just a drive or you can stop and take several hikes along the way.

This is one of the hikes.....not long at all.

They have displays with information as well as a pavilion.


There is also a real nice observation point right next to the parking lot with free telescopes.

Our guests, Rose and Virginia, joined Mary Jane and I for a look over the trail.

Birdie got some shots of butterflies. I should mention that the pictures for the GTG are a combination of those taken by Birdie, Carolyn, and me. Their pictures are the best ones but I always had my camera with me even when they didn't.

This is just in front of the ferry going across to Cameron which we didn't take.

We stopped at Holly Beach as Shirley wanted to see how much it had rebuilt after Hurrican Rita and Ike devastated it. There are several RV parks and new beach houses on stilts for the most park.

There was a small beach road incident involving Carolyn's truck. No, we were not driving on the beach but they had brought in loads of new sand and it was on the road to the beach. We were rescued by a good Samaritan with offers of assistance from another passerby as well. He assured us that we got caught only because diesel trucks are much heavier in the front than other trucks.

We saw some shrimp boats on Lake Calcacieu.

Rose told us Shirley needed to stop for gas SOON. Carolyn made sure she filled up with diesel at the station near the RV park before we left.....$2.09/ price in the area.

Thursday night, Martha treated us all to her homemade chicken and sausage gumbo and rice as well as potato salad.....oh, there was also homemade peach cobbler. So sorry the rest of the Pink FlaminGoes missed it.

We made use of one of the great rally rooms at A+ Motel and RV Park.

Birdie had a bottle of Pink Flamingo wine.

Gumbeaux appropriate.

Another really great day. It was much later than this when we called it a night.

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