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Bayou Rum....A Great Place to Visit!

Our day was not done. Our next stop on Friday was Bayou Rum, a Louisiana Spirits Distillery. This place has only been in business for 4 1/2 years but they are going strong. In fact they just partnered with Stoli USA to distribute their rum nationwide  beginning in 2016. Right now it is available Texas to Florida only.


We had a 3:00PM tour time but arrived early and they hustled us in to join the group that just started. We watched the movie at the end of the tour instead of the beginning.

You can't take pictures of the actual distilling equipment but they have a wonderful tour and let us know whenever we could take pictures. In the right hand corner of this picture is the famous Lorraine Bridge that our tour guide told us about. It was so interesting that we got directions from him and went to see it. That started another whole adventure which I will relate in another post.

One particular kind of rum, Bayou Select, is aged for about five years in oak barrels that were previously used for bourbon. This is the first year it is available so the bottle is a collectable item.

After the tour, we were given samples. You each get two samples and there are four kinds of rum made here and Josh, our very personable tour guide, suggested we partner up so we could taste all four of them.

We also got a sample of the Spiced Rum mixed with sweet tea.....oooh, it was really good.

Most of us left with one of these.
This business is really boosting the local economy as they exclusively use Louisiana sugar cane and molasses.

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  1. I would like that tour much better than wine tasting tour. To me there is no comparison between rum and wine. Rum will win every time.


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