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Diversity is the Spice of Life (in RV Parks)

Abbeville is an interesting small town with lots going on around the area. If you want to learn about Cajun, this is a good place o come.

Old Abbeville Train Depot.

Another interesting place to visit is Palmetto Island State Park. We decided a visit to the park to check it out would be a great way to spend the rest of our day after the trip to Avery Island.

The sites are a nice size and have decent spacing and privacy from each other.

There are nice restrooms and even laundry rooms.....and laundry was free.....a definite bonus for campers.

There are also plenty of nice places for day visitors.

Just keep an eye out for the gators. There were also three connected ponds for kayaking and canoeing.

The park was named after these is an "island of palmettos" not an actual island in the water.

Another nice view of the water for kayaking.

If you don't have an RV, they have some really nice looking cabins for rent too.

So now you have seen camping out with nature, here's another very different kind of camping or maybe we should call it RVing instead. Betty's RV Park is quite well known among RVers. It's also different from a lot of other RV Parks. For one thing, it's small....only 15 sites with a couple of boondocking spots. The RVs are basically parked in a graveled yard around Betty's house. The spots are pretty close together. There are full hookups but there is no pool, no laundry, no restrooms.

BUT, what this park does have is Betty herself. She has made this into a destination visit prized by RVers.

There is a large outside patio under a cover plus a deck in front of that. Decorating is an ongoing project whenever Betty finds something she wants to add. There is plenty to look at.

Birdy and I were parked next to each other behind the house. RV spaces are set up to use every inch of space.

There was only one other RV there while we were there but there will be a big influx of people as the snow birds travel south. Betty's RV Park is not open June, July or August. She has a rally scheduled for September of next year and the following year, she plans to close June, July, August, and Septermber.

As I said , what is unique about Betty's RV Park is Betty herself. That is Betty on the far left. Every day at 4:30PM, it's Happy Hour. Everyone brings something to share plus their own drinks. Betty made homemade pizza two of the days we were there. Our friend Martha came to join us. Betty knew Martha's husband from the time they were kids. She knows everyone in the area and everything that is going on that might interest her guests. At Betty's, you feel like you are her personal guest that just happens to have their own living quarters. She makes sure everyone gets to know each other and feels comfortable.

If you come once, you'll be back and best call ahead just to make sure she can fit you in.

Birdy and I enjoyed visiting with Betty so much that we all went out to dinner one night to the Riverfront. They have inside seating or a deck outside and music on the weekends. The food was good too. Special on margarita's the night we were there. Betty had Crabcake Ciabatta.

Birdy had fish tacos.

And I had Shrimp Tacos. They were delicious.
Just some more of the fun available in Abbeville, Louisiana.

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