The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Brimstone Museum and Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Parks

Our two guests, Virginia and Rose, left Saturday morning for home. The rest of us headed to downtown Sulphur to the Brimstone Museum.

Sulphur has rather an amazing history which is related at the museum. Sulphur mining in the late 1800's eventually led to a new town. The first sulphur mine opened in 1895 and operated until 1924 producing about 9.4 million tons of sulphur.

Dr Frasch developed the process for extracting the sulphur.

A second sulphur mine began operations in 1932 in the midst of the Depression bringing many jobs to the local area.

There is a running history of industry in the area. A company called Cities Service eventually became Citgo. This is a small free museum with a lot of information about the local area and industry.

Our next stop was Sam Houston State Park for a picnic.....bonus.....seniors get in free.

It's a nice park with two separate camping areas which were both full on a beautiful weekend.

Our next stop was Holbrook Park, one of the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury Parks we found out about yesterday. It was even nicer and larger than the Lorrain park. The parks are first come, first serve and each have a camp host on site in a small house. There is another park called White Oaks which is not far away. We were really impressed with these parish parks.

We stopped at Orange Leaf Yogurt on the way home. Birdie is a very bad influence. Carolyn just discovered that she had over $7 worth of yogurt in her was her first time and quite a shock.

Most of us knew better but it was all good.

We had a local reporter that we met at Hollier's ask to come and interview us. Look for an upcoming article in The Voice of Southwest Louisiana" by Joyce R. Kebodeaux. It is a monthly local magazine.

We sat around and answered Joyce's questions while she took notes.

It was suppertime so we invited her to join us for leftovers.

She had a great time.

Sunday, we had one last lunch together at LeBleu's before we headed our separate ways on Monday morning.

We also had a Walmart stop.

It was a fantastic GTG......small, relaxing, and super enjoyable. The Pink FlaminGoes that couldn't make this one really missed a great time.

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