The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Drivedocking at an Alpaca Ranch

In my last post, I said we were leaving Lake Pointe Friday morning.....well, you know those jello plans. Willy kept me up almost the entire night barking and fussing so I finally put him on the bed with me but he only slept an hour. In the morning, he was still cranky.....I touched his ear and he got real cranky.  Yup, ear infection with with little brown pieces of wax. I headed back into town where I had some ear drops from his last infection. As I drove, I was thinking that his last infection didn't look quite the same so I called the Vet and got an appo intment first thing. By the time the Vet looked at his ear, it was all goopy. So he prescribed the same medicine along with some antibiotic pills so I got another bottle of the drops to make sure I had enough. Willy wasn't too happy when they cleaned out his ear so he got a little bitty muzzle while they put the drops in. Back at the RV, we had a two and a half hour nap so we didn't feel like zombies anymore and still went to bed early....both things I never do.

So.....Saturday we were off at last. Birdie led the way across country towards Huntsville.

Looks like a lot of motorcyclists out for a Saturday ride and lunch in one of the towns we passed.
Our destination was an Alpaca Ranch owned by some close friends of Birdie's. They were off on a trip of their own but graciously gave us their ranch for the weekend. I'm parked on the circle drive and Birdie is just behind me on the right. 

These were our neighbors. They have 5 alpacas, two horses, a couple of great big dogs, and about 3 cats. The big dogs were off visiting with their son so that made it much easier with the dachsies. They got to run around in the big fenced back yard and take lots of walks around the property. Harley got plenty of ball time in too.

It was really pretty there and the weather was beautiful.....a bit cooler and surprisingly little humidity which is unusual for east Texas.

The neighbors were taking care of the animals while Birdie's friends are away. Birdie has stayed there before and taken care of the animals while her friends took trips before too.

The alpacas really are cute with huge eyes and long eyelashes.

We gave them some treats.

They have a "lion" cute from when they were last shirred. Their wool is very popular.

We had a closeup visit with the horses in the barn too.
 It was a great weekend. Another friend that lives in the area came over to visit and we got some laundry done and did a little barbequing. Off to Sulphur Louisiana to meet up with the Pink FlaminGoes on Monday.


  1. I woulda snuck out with a scissors... snip snip snip... spinning alpaca fleece is LOVELY!!!!!

  2. Pretty place. Say hi to Birdie for me.


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