The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Aransas Wildlife Refuge

Wednesday morning we all gathered for coffee and then headed for the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. From mid-April to mid-Oct, the visitor's center is open Wednesday through Sunday but during the other half of the year, it is open every day and that is when the whooping cranes are in residence. It is the first place you want to stop.

There are all kinds of displays. And the volunteers at the center can provide checklists and maps as well as letting you know what is currently going on.

A close-up look at a javelin.

 There are a lot of displays.

Yes, Texas does have alligators.

This is one of the overlooks where you can see them although they must have been hiding while we were there.

This was the first wildlife we encountered other than the birds.

Still did not see any.

See the dark spot in the middle of the picture? That is a live javelina.

We climbed the ramps to the top of this big tower which has some terrific views. It is 40 feet tall and rises above the trees!

We followed the road around the refuge and saw this from the car window. It was an interesting visit. Birders love the refuge. Volunteers had a telescope set up at one of the sites and showed us an alligator as well as a number of birds.

Moon Dog Seaside Eatery was on tap for dinner. It is located in Fulton right on the water.

We ate inside and the service and the food was good.

Out on the deck they have some really neat stools that of course required some pictures.

The views off the patio are pretty great too. Just a note for pet lovers, dogs are allowed on the patio and there were several there when we were there....all very well behaved.

All in all, it was a great day. The refuge was interesting and dinner at Moon Dog was great!


  1. The stools, oh my! What a riot. Too bad you didn't find any cranes on the refuge.

  2. it's really fun trip. thanks for sharing a good info. i'll go there when my holiday coming



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