The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Wild Willy is 14!

Today is Willy's 14th birthday. That is  about 72 human years. So what does that mean. Well, he has some moles on his head, his ears are a little raggedy, and he has fatty benign bumps over his body. He likes to nap frequently but he is always up for a good long walk and he is the first one ready to roll when the RV appears in the driveway. He is a perfect rider in the truck or the car but sometimes he woofs a bit more than he should when left alone. He's a little slower, his hearing is shot (even when he is not ignoring us), but his nose works like a champ, and his eyes can spot a cookie easily.

I think he is planning to be around for a while longer so here is a trip down memory lane to celebrate his birthday!
He can nap with the best of them but he lets me know when he is ready to get up in the morning.

He lets Harley know he is still the lead pack dog when it suits him.

He is always ready for a road trip.
He can be a tough guy when he needs to be.

Normal travel position heading down the highway.
It's been a couple of years since he and Harley mixed it up.

But he still thinks he's boss.
Do you remember the muddy paws pictures?

Morgan dressed him up when they were both a few years younger.

This is how I still see my babies in my mind. Today was also Gretchen's birthday. She came to us as a puppy so we know this was the exact birthday. When Willy joined us, he was a rescue and the vet told us he was about Gretchen's age at the time...1 1/ she graciously shared her special day with Willy. Now she is still in our hearts, our beautiful little girl gone too soon at 12. Happy Birthday babies.


  1. Such a beautiful birthday tribute to a special little ole man. Our Skitz is 13 and is a lot like Wild Willy. Slowing down, hard of hearing, doesn't play much, but still a Mama's girl. Now our new one, Rocky Joe, is our barker when left alone. But at 13 and having never been a loved pet, I think we aren't going to change him much. Sure do love these marvelous looong doggies.

  2. Happy birthday to Willy. He looks much like our Little Bit, that passed away in 2006.

  3. Happy Birthday to Willy!!! What a special fellow he is!! Our Shih Tzu is 11 years old. He is still pretty spry but gets tired at night. He can see and hear pretty well but has lost a great many teeth. He is also getting more grumpy!!
    Your babies are adorable!!!


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