The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

The Pink FlaminGoes April 2017 Get Together is About to Begin

Woohoo......another GTG is finally here. Well, I actually arrived Monday (yesterday), a day earlier than planned and several days before the official GTG starts. And even then, I wasn't the first arrival. Sharon pulled in on Sunday and so did Anita. It wasn't a long trip down from San Antonio but it was still nice to relax after getting set up. We are at the Wilderness Oaks RV Resort in Rockport......more on that in the next post.

Our arrival was anticipated!

Sharon and Anita were high-fiving it in Anita's Slingshot. She pulls it on a trailer behind her truck camper whenever she isn't out riding around.

Co-hostest Birdie and I planned to provide dinner Tuesday night for the early arrivals. Me, Mary Jane, Birdie, Martha, Pat....

and Vicki B, Anita, Vicki A, and Sharon. Missing is Chris and she offered it up for dinner...sloppy joes and chips.

A hole in one....just one of the many interesting sights ahead of us this week.

Hang adventures with good friends ahead!

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  1. What a great gathering; sorry I missed it!


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