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The Longdogs
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Cowboys for Heroes

There is no doubt that San Antonio is Military City, USA. It's not because of the number of military installations located is because of the strong support from local citizens in and around the city. Saturday we attended the 5th Annual Cowboys for Heroes event at Ft Sam Houston. Area ranches and cowboys put this on to show their support for Wounded Warriors and the military in general.

The first horses we saw were huge and beautiful......I think they were Percherons.

There were also horse rides for the kids....two horses and a mule....lots of kids were eager to wait in line for their turn.

There was also a fantastic horse show put on by one of the ranches.

These are caballeros with Mexican style saddles. The horses and the riders were fantastic.

This woman and her horse ran through all their paces with no physical contact.

The horse was amazing at following her signals.

Cameron got in a ride on the mechanical bull. The man running the ride was able to tailor the actions of the bull to the individual riders abilities and level of bravery.

There were also several unique animals presented.

Kids could get involved here too.

And there must have been a dozen chuck wagons busy cooking and providing a range of goodies to all the attendees. I saw ribs, chili, sheppards pie, banana pudding, cobbler, biscuits, cowboy spaghetti, etc. They even cooked chocolate cake in one of their dutch ovens. It was fun to watch and great to eat.

All of this was provided free of charge to military members and their families as a way of saying thank you.
It was a great day and the weather held out with only a couple of sprinkles that didn't dampen the fun.

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