The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Tripping in Downtown Rockport and Fulton

The day started out with some line dancing lessons courtesy of the RV park. You can see some of our crew here. They did a great job!

Hoping this little video will work so you can take a peek at the fancy footwork. There was only one guy in the group.....who says men are the braver bunch???? 

By the time the line dancing lessons were hour and a was time to head to "downtown" Rockport. I got a few looks when I suggest the Daily Grind Coffee Shop for lunch. It is right downtown and so very convenient but that is not the only reason for going there.

It is a small shop and we had 10 in our party but we were able to fit just fine in two tables in a nice little alcove.

Most of us had the quiche and salad special but the sandwiches were good too. The quiche was the best I have ever had and the pieces were very generous plus they had about 5 different kinds to choose from. This place is definitely on my list whenever I'm in Rockport. 

There is a nice little artistic ambiance and it is a popular place.

Should have had this picture first as we were lined up to order or still looking at menus until we saw the quiche special. They took our orders quickly and the food was delivered to the table very quickly.

Then we headed out to check out some of the shops. Some wanted souvenirs and some still needed to find a prize for Pink FlaminGoes bingo.

Prices seemed pretty reasonable for most things and "beachy" was the theme of the day.

Some earlier buildings were only available to read about on the plaques where they sed to be.

Rockport still has lots of lodging but some of these grand hotels are no more.

This is the shoulder season between Winter Texans and Summer Visitors so we didn't have to fight the crowds.

A few shops are only open weekends right now.f

There were other pink flamingos on display besides our group.
After all that shopping, we had to make another stop on the way back to the park.

Once back at the park, there was lots of relaxing, visiting, and possibly even napping going on. Batteries need recharging you know and sometimes there are a few domestic chores needing effort.

Later on, the Boiling Pot was selected for dinner.

The menu was a bit of a surprise to some of us. The smallest portion was huge; however, the waitress told us that we could order 1/4 pound of shrimp and sausage with the corn and potatoes rather than the 1/2 pound of each which made it much more reasonable and was still enough to have leftovers.

This end of the table was really happy with their choices.

Drinks were very necessary as not all of us are used to the spicy food.....and it was really spicy even the potatoes and corn.

Sharon wasn't quite so happy with the oysters they shared.

This was the smallest serving on the menu until the waitresss told us we could do the half order.

Here are the wild bunch again. Maybe that beer helped!
Opinions on this restaurant were divided sort of like the reviews on Yelp. If you like spicy food, you will probably enjoy this. It was way too spicy for me.....even the corn and potatoes. It took a couple days for my lips to heal up. And I decided I would rather have my shrimp without the eyes on stocks looking at me and legs which all have to be removed. But at least half the group loved it and new experiences are the spice of life.

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