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The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Look Around Wilderness Oaks RV Resort

This is where we are holding our Spring GTG. It's a very nice place with lots of amenities. Diane is a great manager who went the extra mile to ensure we all enjoyed our GTG and our stay. The staff is great too. They take you to your site and get you backed in just perfect.
I borrowed this sign from another place but it certainly fits the atmosphere here at the resort as well as in Rockport. 

We always start out with a plan but plans are made in jello and are easily changed as you will see during the week.

I used Yelp to find good restaurants since I was only here once about 4 years ago for an hour. There are lots of great choices in the area.

A little tour of the park starting with the office.

A park model available for rent. This park is really busy in the winter with "Winter Texans" and during the summer as well. There are a few longer term residents but the park really feels like an RV Resort because it isn't crowded with park models.....something we saw a lot of in Sun City last year (very few RVs, mostly park models).

They have a nice salt water pool.

which some of us enjoyed.

This old fashioned "phone booth" is really a unique way to hide some equipment.

Another view of the pool...

This is a playhouse for the kids which probably gets more use in the summer after school is out.
The Hot Tub is in a small building.

Not large but well maintained and plenty hot.

The Recreation Center has three separate entrances.

The kitchen is great and includes four or five big round tables which was perfect for us. Diane offered us the whole building but we were more than happy to share the facility.

We didn't need this large room for our 16 person group.

And we couldn't see any reason to keep this area away from the rest of the guests.

The park was really full when Mary Jane and I drove down to check it out in February but there was more room in the shoulder season. I looked at about 30 parks online and narrowed it down to 12 parks which we looked at when we drove down in February. Everyone agreed we couldn't have made a better choice....great price, great manager, great staff, great park.

Catching up......

Okay.....not sure about this one....there was a small airport next door and a small plane (Navy?) was practicing touch and goes.

 Morning coffee anyone?

I think they were deciding who was going to get to ride with Anita next.

Nice place to visit!

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  1. Nice campground! Especially with such supportive management!


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