The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

The Apple Store in Medina, TX

On the road again, it's so good to be on the road again!

Okay, you'll just have to imagine that set to music.  I am on my way to a GTG at the Lost Maples State Natural Area near Vanderpool, TX.  It is about 86 miles northwest of San Antonio and about a two hour drive from where I live since I am not hauling the 5ver this trip.  More on that later.  Just around the next curve on Hwy 16......

I made one stop at the Apple Store in Medina, TX, about 25 miles from Lost Maples.  Now this Apple Store has nothing to do with Ipods or computers.  It is a gift shop and cafe.

They have lots of apples in Medina and you would not believe the pies they sell in this place.  Unfortunately, they had no more whole pies and had just sold the last piece so alas, no pictures.
And then, I was off down the road to meet friends and see some of these that have already grown up.

The views on the way to the park were already fantastic.  I lost cellphone service as I headed down the road from Medina down to Vanderpool.  This is the only picture that I took while the car was moving.  There was almost no traffic on the road on this Thursday morning but the road became hilly and curvy.

There were occasional pull-offs that I used to advantage.

Just a preview of what is to come at Lost Maples.

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