The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Breakfast in Burton, Tx

This morning we were off to Burton, Tx for brunch.  It was originally going to be breakfast but we adjusted for those who wanted a chance to sleep in.  Hey, we're flexible!  We arrived at the Burton Cafe about 10:45 AM.

It was definitely a German cafe with staff that spoke German, served German food, and had great German bakery items.  One of our group was originally from Germany so it was definitely a treat for her.  The super friendly staff explained that they could either do breakfast or lunch but couldn't do both at once and since we were the only customers at that particular moment, we got to choose.  Breakfast won, hands down.

Birdie, Diana, Carolyn, Darlene, and Shirley were at the table with me.

Mary Jane, Gloria, Darlene, and Sue were at this table.

Darlene is discussing important business with Pat, Martha, and Margarita.

Birdie ordered the German pancakes which were a little like crepes and I ordered the potato pancakes with applesauce so we could share and taste both.  They were both great.

Darlene ordered some eggs in addition to her German pancakes and was shocked when she saw how large the pancakes were.

After brunch we took a walk around town to see the sites.  The Burton Train Depot was rebuilt in 1898, after a fire destroyed the original 1870 terminal.  It was sold in 1961 and moved away from the original site during hard times.  The Burton Heritage Society purchased it in 1988 and moved it back to the original location in 1990 for its restoration.

The Pig and Whistle was located right next door.

Across the street, the old Burton State Bank building built in 1906 was vacant and falling down when the historical society purchased it in 1979.  It features art nouveau architecture with structural glass and stucco facade.  The brochure I found said it now serves as the Burton City Hall and Police Station but we thought that major crack on the upper left of the building might be affecting its use.  It definitely looked structural.

The Brazos Bell Inn was just up the road.

The Knittel Homestead Inn is a beautiful building.  There was scaffolding up on the other side and they are in the process of repainting it.

On our way out of town, we saw this interesting cotton gin.  It was all metal and really shone in the sunlight.

Next stop, Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham, Tx.  See you there.

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