The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

Touring Brenham, TX

After the Blue Bell tour, we headed to downtown Brenham to check out the shops.  Here you can see (l to r)   Birdie, Sue, Mary Jane, and Pat headed into the closest antique shop.  The owner told us that they buy storage building contents just like the show on TV.  Pat kept finding things she had when she was a kid.

See part of the crew heading off to their next stop?  The murals on this building were really nice.

Being that this group is the Pink Flamingos, it was only fitting to get this picture of the bird all decked out for Christmas.  The shot through the glass window just wouldn't work so Birdie stood guard while I slipped into the window display area to get the shop. It wasn't hard as the sales girl was way too interested in her cell phone conversation.

This antique shop was called "Today and Yesterday". Most of the shops were either antique shops or boutique clothes.

There was a neat little pocket park where we kind of all gathered to regroup and gather strength.  Several of us tried to get pictures of the antique cistern located here but it had a domed glass cover over it and you just couldn't get a decent shop.  They found the cistern when they tore the building down.  There was also a diorama of posters telling about how some Yankee soldiers burned down some of the buildings in town.

The wind came up and it got chilly plus everyone was getting pretty worn out so we decided to head out to the Brenham Airport for dinner.  They have a 50's style diner there where the waitresses are all in poodle skirts.  They all posed for this picture in the lobby area.

This was the menu which also had more pictures on it.  The food was very good and we all had a great time.
 Some of us got there a lot earlier than Shirley's car but we waited patiently on them before ordering any real food.

They also had a cute little gift shop but they didn't get any takers from our group.

Next we were off to the RV park clubhouse for some rousing rounds of bingo. (l to r) Nancy, Mary Jane, Carolyn, Karen, Shirley, Martha, Sue, Darlene, and Gloria.

From the other end of the table, you can see Martha, Sue, Darlene, Gloria, Pat, Birdie, Mary Jane, Carolyn, Karen, and Shirley.

Birdie was the proud bingo winner with her pink flamingo wind ornament.  She later told me that she won it for me, she is such a good friend!

Carolyn won a cute flamingo necklace.

After all this excitement, everyone was ready to head back to their own rigs--some to sleep and some to blog.

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