The Longdogs

The Longdogs
Willy, Harley (back center), and Gretchen

A Few Shots at the Dixieland RV Park

I think I should wrap this trip up with a few shots taken while we were at the RV park.

Birdie and I were the first to arrive.  If you read the first post on this adventure, A Trip to Carmine, you will know that it was raining that morning so these pictures were taken later on in the week.  The entrance to the park is next to a house on the highway.  Once past there you will find the office and after you check in you will go through the gate.

This was my site.  They have kind of unique parking here where two rigs are side by side for the hookups (one going each direction) and then each rig faces a open space before the next two.  I was a little worried at first since we were really close together but once I knew my big slide would open without touching my neighbor's satellite dish, it worked out okay.  Birdie and I were hoping that we would be in the two facing slots but they put us in the only two open blacktopped spaces due to all the rain.  Fortunately all the water was gone by the time the others arrived so they didn't have a problem parking.

"The Pholly" and "Moby Dick" all set up.

Birdie's "Bunky" and "Herbie".

These armadillos kept an eye on things around the park.

The park has a nice little laundry room with two washers and two dryers ($1 each).  They also have a little exchange library in here that was pretty well stocked.


  This was the clubhouse we got to use for the GTG.

We had a pot luck dinner the first night and Darlene, one of the co-hostesses, had gift bags for everyone.

I also took a couple of shots in downtown Carmine (Carmeen).  This is a railroad museum but it wasn't open when we went past.

This is an antique shop.

You can't tell much from this but it was a basketball museum for the local team.  Only in Texas.

Carmine also has a very nice little park that was all decorated for the holidays.  There is a bank, a post office, and a feed store but no grocery store--it is very small.  There is also JW's Steakhouse which looked packed on the nights we drove past.

That's a wrap for this adventure.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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  1. Love the old laundry building and 1.00 per load! Good deal. You do find the neatest places.


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